What to Know When Choosing a Lawyer

Most of us think of lawyers in movies who work in the courtroom on high-profile murder cases. In reality, you could need a lawyer for a variety of situations, from a tax audit to the drafting of a will. Below are some tips to help you in your search for a lawyer who will best suit your needs.

How Do I Know What Type of Lawyer I Will Need?

Though obtaining legal help if you’ve been accused of a crime is important, these cases account for only a small portion of the work that lawyers do. Legal Jobs explains that the majority of lawyers do most or all of their work outside of the courtroom in the following civil matters that affect everyday life.

Estate Planning

Do you need help planning what to do with your estate after you’ve passed away? Perhaps you’re seeking a divorce or looking to adopt a child. Many law firms specialize in estate planning or other family law. Lawyers in this field can act as executors of your estate, or negotiate other familial legal proceedings.

Personal Claims

Whether you are trying to sue someone or being sued yourself, you’ll need to hire a personal injury or malpractice lawyer, depending on the type of damage done. Personal injury attorneys can help in matters of car accidents or injuries caused in public places, while a malpractice lawyer is best suited to cases against medical professionals who may have caused harm during treatment. Labor lawyers deal with suits involving the workplace, and can assist in obtaining workers’ compensation.

Financial Law

Financial law is another important area of law. You might need a little extra help when dealing with individual or business taxes, as tax law can be complicated. Tax lawyers can help with any disputes to do with paying state or federal taxes, while business lawyers advise businesses on matters of tax and other compliance regulations. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you negotiate your bankruptcy declaration, and give advice for learning to re-build your credit.

Property Law

You can even find lawyers in real estate. real estate lawyer can help in any housing-related disputes, working with you to protect your property.

What Should I Look for in a Lawyer?

Legal Zoom advises that you consider the amount of experience a lawyer has, the price of legal services, who will handle your contract, and how your lawyer will communicate with you. Some lawyers need to outsource their caseload to other lawyers or paralegals, so make sure to meet whoever will actually handle the case. Most importantly, you should select someone who you feel you can trust with sensitive information regarding your case, according to the American Bar Association.

Where Can I Find a Lawyer?

The best ways to find a lawyer, according to Legal Zoom, are word-of-mouth referrals or contact your State Bar Association. Both resources can help you find a good fit for the legal services you need. You can also try an internet search and read reviews for different law firms.

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