Dining is a social event at Clarity Pointe! All meals are served family-style in the neighborhood dining area, creating a real feel of home. Our Direct Care staff not only serves the meals, they also sit and dine with the residents. Mealtimes are ideal opportunities for our residents and staff to gather together, enjoy one another’s company and feel the warmth of friendship, and, if necessary, the staff members provide cueing for successful dining.

Understanding that residents’ needs will change as their memory loss progresses, we offer very specialized dining programs, featuring:

  • Finger Food Program – When a resident loses the ability to dine with utensils, we provide a variety of specialized finger foods in their daily diet that allow him or her to dine independently and with dignity.
  • Food-on-the-Go Program – If a resident’s dining experience is interrupted by his or her need to wander or pace, we offer them “food on the go,” which allows them to walk freely and eat at the same time.
  • Altered Consistency Dining Program – Those with Alzheimer’s disease or different forms of dementias may experience difficulty with swallowing. If that happens, we have the ability to provide altered consistency dining choices that are not only delicious and nutritious, but are also served in an attractive presentation such as, parfaits, soufflés and more.
  • Enhanced Dining – For those who cannot eat independently, our staff provides hand-over-hand assistance, helping the resident truly enjoy their meal by assisting with serving and feeding, as well as cueing, prompting and encouraging them to do whatever they can independently.