Bringing Our Residents’ Stories to Life!

At Clarity Pointe, our Heartfelt CONNECTIONS™ Memory Care program incorporates industry-leading LifeBio™ reminiscence tools, customized specifically for us, to help capture your loved one’s unique life story.

LifeBio brings each resident’s story to life, everyday. This unique tool tells us your loved one’s entire life story, enabling us to connect on a much more personal, familiar level — and what a difference it makes!

The Process is Simple

Family is key to LifeBio. Asking you insightful questions, we collect anecdotes and details about your loved one’s life. We learn about family members, friends, careers, hobbies, travels, likes and dislikes. We assemble all that information into a life story booklet. This keepsake book is used everyday by the Clarity Pointe team to help spark conversations, stir memories, relive special moments and to comfort and connect with your loved one.

Making Care & Programming Personal

The life story booklet helps make your loved one’s experience very personal. With it, we can customize care and programming that meets individual needs and preferences. For example, if your father always had his hair trimmed on the first of the month, we’ll maintain that schedule. If your mother loved to bake, we’ll create activities that help her rediscover the joy of the kitchen. Such simple, yet thoughtful care and programming can make everyday life more engaging, fulfilling and meaningful.