At the center of our Memory Care programming is Heartfelt CONNECTIONS™. 

A unique program, Heartfelt CONNECTIONS™ takes a positive, life-affirming approach to memory care, focusing on each resident’s abilities. The program is built on a philosophy that what remains is far more important that what has been lost through Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. We emphasize capabilities. We build self-confidence. We bring joy and fulfillment to the lives of every resident.

Focusing on Abilities

The program builds upon the cognitive abilities of each resident, rather than their physical abilities. Each resident’s cognitive skills are assessed using our Quality of Life assessment tool. We use these results to engage residents of similar abilities and interests in meaningful activities in our welcoming, homelike atmosphere. This also allows us to tailor caregiving and provide a focused, personalized activities program.

Predictable & Familiar

At Clarity Pointe, we see each resident for the unique individual he or she is. We personally get to know each person we have the privilege of caring for. We understand who they are now, but more importantly, we learn about their lives before dementia and memory loss brought them to our doors.

We use specialized reminiscence tools to capture each resident’s life story. With this detailed, personal information at our fingertips and in our hearts, we are able to really connect with our Memory Care residents. Together, we can reminisce, talk and form lasting friendships built on a shared history. 

More importantly, this information enables us to develop truly personalized care plans that resonate with the residents. We can create dementia programming that incorporates their favorite hobbies, pastimes and activities. We can develop menus that feature their favorite foods. We can focus entirely on each individual, making his or her life as meaningful, fulfilling and joyful as possible.

Personalized Memory Care Programming

Based on what we learn about each individual resident, we develop a plan of care that meets their specific needs and supports individual preferences and choices. Using this social history, we learn about each resident’s interests and hobbies so we can develop activities that engage, inspire and recreate treasured pastimes.

Balanced Lives

Through the Heartfelt CONNECTIONS™ Memory Care program, we create balance in our residents’ lives by implementing three components:

  • Personal Care
  • Work/Career
  • Social/Leisure

These are the three components we all need to feel fulfilled, live with dignity and purpose and feel our best. Our Memory Care residents deserve nothing less. By weaving activities based on these components throughout the day, our residents enjoy meaningful, productive and rewarding lives.