What Makes An Assisted Living Facility Great?

Moving into an assisted living facility is a big transition. When yu’ve lived for perhaps a few decades in one family home and you’re used to having your own space the way you like it, not to mention your independence, moving somewhere like an assisted living facility can feel like an unpleasant idea.

But there are plenty of reasons why living in an assisted living  facility is actually great, and something you can happily do without looking back, knowing you’ve made the best choice for you and your loved ones. So what are some reasons why assisted living is a great choice?

  1. You keep your independence

It’s easy to feel like moving into any kind of assisted living is a sacrifice of your independence, but actually moving into assisted living is one of the best ways to hold onto your independence without worrying about the dangers of living alone. You still have your own space which is totally under your control, and only have to access the team when you feel you need to. You will also be free to come and go as you please just like your own home – you can have visitors and go on trips just as you would normally.

  1. You meet new people

Although of course you won’t say goodbye to your old friends when you move into your assisted living space, you will meet a whole host of new people who are in the same part of life as you – with similar lived experiences and, if they’ve chosen the same place as you, probably quite a lot of tastes in common. You’ll be able to make plenty of new friends and what’s more, they’ll be right down the hall.

  1. It’s safe

Although it’s irritating to admit that you might not be as steady on your feet as you once were, or struggling with myriad other health problems as you age, it is true that living in assisted living is safer than staying in your independent home. They are usually built to be easy to get around, and if you do have a fall or a medical emergency, help will be very nearby and you will be in good hands. This means that both you and your family can know you’re living in a safe environment, which is a burden off of everyone’s minds.

So there you have it, if you were struggling to find reasons why it might be a great idea to move into Assured Assisted Living, we hope we’ve given you some peace of mind and some reasons to be going on with!