Web Success Portal: Why Email Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

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Despite the rise of social media platforms as a means of marketing to people, email marketing is still regarded as one of the most efficient means for acquiring new consumers and marketing to current ones.

Some businesses are significant users of email marketing and have continually enjoyed the benefits that come with it. However, some are yet to take advantage of it, citing insufficient time and the proper facilities.

The curious question is whether companies who neglect email marketing to follow other strategies are genuinely missing out on anything.

A representative from Web Success Portal, a company that offers expert digital marketing services for businesses, is here to explain why email should be part of your marketing strategy.

Is There A Special Justification For Why A Business Plan Should Include Email Marketing?

Many businesses occasionally believe that it is possible to do away with email marketing and solely stick to social media.

While social media and other conventional marketing strategies indeed boast many benefits, opting out of email marketing can limit a company’s reach and lead to losing new clients that could have patronized the brand.

Unlike social networking platforms, email marketing allows you to communicate directly with potential customers by sending them information about products, special offers, and discounts.

The emails can also be used when the target market is not using social media and can be programmed to go out at a specific time.

How Can Businesses Assess The Success Of Their Email Marketing Campaigns?

Businesses can ascertain the success of email marketing campaigns by using Key Performance Indexes woven into the plan from the onset. Some businesses tend to miss out on email marketing, but it’s one of the best digital marketing strategies you can implement today.

Examples are open rate, click rate, bounces, unsubscribes, device statistics, spam scores, conversion rate, cost per acquisition, return on investment and customer lifetime value.

At Web Success Portal, we help our clients understand the individual effect of each KPI on the success of the email marketing campaign. We also offer data analysis services to extract the information within the KPIs.

Is Email Marketing An Expensive Strategy?

Businesses can reach a sizable audience of customers at less than a cent per message. Pricing is often billed monthly and is based on how many email subscribers there are.

Numerous email marketing services allow free trials, usually between 30 and 60 days. Some even go a step further by only allowing businesses with a small number of thousand subscribers to send a certain number of emails for free.

Is It Necessary To Use Social Media Components In Email Marketing Campaigns?

Including links to the business’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms in the emails can increase the visibility of a company to new audiences that may have similar buying habits as email subscribers.

Therefore, we recommended some relationships between social media platforms and email marketing initiatives.

What Should Businesses Do If Email Marketing Fails To Generate The Targeted Leads?

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After implementing a series of email marketing that fails to generate leads, the next step is for the business stakeholders to go back to the drawing and marshal out a new plan that will correct the mistakes made in the previous email marketing campaign.

However, how swiftly such an issue is dealt with will determine if the company can continually compete against its rivals.