Top Level Fitness Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

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This is certainly not ‘new’ news, as doctors have long known that a fit and healthy body promotes healthy brain activity, and as we get into our 40s and 50s, it becomes harder to stay active. If you are prepared to invest the time and effort required to maintain a high level of fitness, it will bring great dividends, not just for your body, but also your mental well-being.

Home Workouts

As we are all spending more time at home, working out at home is a great idea, and with lots of free online resources to help you put together a very effective exercise regime. It is important to wear the right type of workout clothes, which can be found with the online sports supplier, where you can view a range of essential accessories for heavy workouts.

They would stock the following and much more:

  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Weights of all sizes
  • Medicine toneball
  • Weight-training gloves
  • Workout wear

Once you have all the equipment you need and have compiled a routine, don’t forget diet, as you will need extra intake of protein and carbohydrates. Foods like eggs, chicken, fish and cheese are all ideal if you are going to do some serious routines with weights, and you can order high-protein milk shapes from the sport supplier.

Personal Trainer

Many middle-aged people turn to a personal trainer in order to help them get going with a major fitness program, as the trainer has all the knowledge to assess your fitness and then plan for the required improvements. If you have been inactive for a while, it is important to have a medical check-up, to ensure that you are healthy enough for some serious physical activity, and the personal trainer would not allow you to do too much too soon. There are many advantages to hiring a personal trainer, not least is the fact that he or she will be right next to you, every step of the way, and that is when you need to push yourself. When using weights, it is the final few repetitions that really achieve anything, and as it burns, your personal trainer will make you do a few more reps than you thought humanly possible.

Practice Yoga

If lifting weights is not your thing, why not take up yoga? This is a very effective way to workout all the major muscle groups, not to mention the mental benefits to be gained from the eastern art that is considered to be a form of meditation. You can learn about yoga from YouTube videos, plus there are online sport suppliers who stock yoga clothing, mats and even how-to yoga DVDs, and you can practice at home in front of the TV. Of course, there are yoga classes if you would prefer to enrol in a course at a sports centre, and they can easily be found with a Google search.

By keeping fit and active, your brain is also healthy and this will prevent the onset of any memory-related issue.