Top 5 healing crystals to help you cope with loss and grief

gemstone crystals

Crystals are believed by many to harness immense healing power for the body, mind, and spirit. If you’ve recently lost a loved one, especially in a scenario where a San Francisco wrongful death lawyer was needed, then give these top five healing crystals for loss and grief a try. 


This semi-precious stone is a variety of quartz that ranges in colors from pale red-violet purple to a deep violet purple and may be translucent or opaque. The amethyst crystal is connected to the Sahasrara Chakra found at the crown of the head and is also connected to the Third Eye, which helps open the spiritual connections of one individual to another.

Amethyst stones have been throughout the ages to calm feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and stress. Known as a Stone of Transformation, this stone’s calming nature helps to soothe your mind and brings comfort to those who are mourning a loss or are in search of inner peace. Meditating with an amethyst crystal can greatly help you when you’re dealing with a loss. 

Rose Quartz

This stone is known for its beautiful blushing pink hue, but may also appear almost violet. With connections to the Heart and Throat Chakra, this semi-precious stone is one of the most heart-centered of all healing crystals. The Rose Quartz inspires unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and healing.

It is often easy to forget about self-love and self-forgiveness when you are going through a traumatic loss, but the connection to the Heart Chakra which is responsible for all types of relationships helps with not only healing feelings of grief and loss towards others, but with ourselves. Keep it close to your heart for support and comfort, so that you may heal.


Another semi-precious stone that is a soothing pink to purple, the Lepidolite stone is connected to the Third Eye, Throat, Crown, and Heart Chakras. This stone’s nurturing energy brings comfort when grief is causing feelings of anxiety or depression. It contains the element lithium, which is used to help with mental health conditions.

Lepidolite is named after the Greek word for “scales”, and is known to restore balance and regulate emotions during times of difficulty in your life. Place this stone under your pillow for a better night’s sleep, or wear it around your neck to help ground you throughout the day. Also known as the Stone of Peace and Transition, Lepidolite will guide you through dark periods into times of light.

Apache Tear

This stone that originates from Mexico has a gorgeous dark brown to an almost black color and is connected to the Root and Third Eye Chakras. Named after an Apache Indian Story where warriors jumped to their deaths to escape being captured and the women’s tears fell to the ground and turned into dark teardrops, the Apache Tear stone is known for empathy and compassion.

The Apache Tear aids in emotional healing and brings comfort to those that are experiencing great loss and grief. A type of Black Obsidian, this stone is capable of absorbing negative energy and promoting spiritual grounding through a cleansing of the spirit. These unusual stones make lovely jewelry or simply carry one in your pocket.


Also known as The Lucky Merchant’s Stone, Citrine is known for its invigorating hue that ranges from pale yellow to honey brown. The Citrine stone is connected to the Solar Plexus which stimulates positive energy and encouragement but also activates the Crown Chakra, which enlightens spiritual connections. 

Citrine can boost feelings of happiness, creativity, and self-assurance while reducing feelings of emotional trauma, grief, fear, and anger. All this makes it one of the best stones for coping with grief and loss in your life. Keep this stone on your nightstand or wear it as jewelry to remind you that better days are ahead.