The Empowerment of Medical Records Access for Senior Citizens

For people all across the world including the everyday patient, insurance groups, and caregivers such as doctors, it is critical for everyone to have access to their medical records, in order to keep track of their overall health, ensure there are no errors in their records, and continue to improve and manage their personal wellbeing as time goes on. 

Getting your medical records without having to pay for them is critical to the health of those in our country.  DrOwl is a HIPAA- compliant app that integrates, manages, and enables the secure sharing of medical records.  Built and developed with patented technology, DrOwl has recently launched a partnership with The Association of Mature American Citizens, also known AMAC.  This partnership enables any AMAC member to download their medical records, in a HIPAA-compliant manner through the DrOwl app, which can be downloaded from any app store at no cost to them. The partnership between the two companies “is a natural fit for DrOwl to partner with AMAC because we both work tirelessly towards helping make people’s lives better.”  

Arvind Raichur, the CEO and Co-Founder of DrOwl understands the importance of partnering with an organization like AMAC.  “We are excited to partner with them to provide seniors and their families the ability to easily store, access, and share their medical records.”  DrOwl was designed to meet patient demand for medical records.  The app syncs records from multiple care providers, and combines them into one easily shareable file with a proprietary, individual QR code.

As we age, our health concerns grow.  Because Seniors tend to see more doctors, which increases the wealth of their medical records, being able to have them in one place means fewer mistakes.  It also means that patients can better share their health information with caregivers, family members, and even providers. 

The app also enables users to fix incorrect information contained in their medical records which has a positive impact on outcomes and care.   By having all necessary medical information accessible to patients when they need it most is one of the main reasons DrOwl was created.  Understanding the needs of our aging population, while making healthcare more manageable is DrOwl’s mission.