Samsung Biologics Shows Digital Creativity With Marketing Award Win

Samsung Biologics was named a winner for Best Digital Campaign in the 2020 Fierce Pharma Awards for its Virtual Exhibition Hall, an interactive experiential platform that allowed the company to connect with clients around the world. 

With COVID-19 restrictions shifting conferences to virtual, Samsung Biologics launched its Virtual Exhibition Hall at BIO Digital 2020—an anticipated industry event that facilitates partnerships in the biotech industry—and has kept it open to the public since. 

Using VR technology, Samsung Biologics provided a virtual reality tour for guests interested in exploring its CMO, CDO, and CRO services from any device, anywhere in the world. The semi-realistic showrooms stood in place of Samsung Biologics’ traditional conference booths. Made for both mobile and desktop, the responsive design was accessible from any device and also leveraged a global cloud infrastructure to optimize connectivity and speed.

James Choi, Samsung Biologics’ Senior Vice President of Global Information & Marketing, emphasized that even before COVID-19, the company had already been exploring ways to connect with global clients and shareholders in a more digital way. The immersive Virtual Exhibition Hall tool is just another example of Samsung Biologic’s quick response to any challenge.

The Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards are given out each year for impressive digital pharma campaigns. Campaigns are judged by criteria on strategy, audience impact, social good, true innovation, creativity and effectiveness. Campaigns for TV, online video, social media, website and more are siphoned into categories. A panel of 12 judges pair up to consider applications for 15 categories, including Branded Drug, New Brand Launch, Multicultural Campaign, Innovation Challenge, Branded Drug, Disease Awareness and Public Relations. Samsung Biologics was named a finalist for three Fierce Pharma awards, two of which were for its virtual hall. 

The full-service CDMO offers an award-winning partnership and the largest single-site facility for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. As a one-stop service provider, it has contract development, manufacturing and laboratory testing to take products from start to finish.