Patrick Lucchese and His Need to Help Others

One of the most important lessons that Patrick Lucchese ever learned came through observing the actions of his father.

That man, Fernando Antonio Lucchese, always made it a priority to do anything he could to help his community. He currently serves as a hospital director in Porto Alegre, giving life-saving care to those who need it. But he also wanted to improve the lives of others in a way that didn’t necessarily benefit him, too.

He would regularly perform surgeries for free, for example, because he felt it was his duty to give back. He regularly worked for nonprofit hospitals for that very reason. From a very young age, these lessons were instilled in Patrick Lucchese – and they are ideals that he continues to try to live up to in the present day.

Even though he has long since established himself as a successful entrepreneur, Patrick Lucchese continues to try to contribute in any way that he can. In 2010, for example, he began to harness all of his efforts on one particular area: Porto Alegre. It’s an underprivileged community in Brazil that Patrick Lucchese continues to make a priority.

In addition to helping entrepreneurs launch successful IPOs, Patrick Lucchese also personally sponsors many facilities in the area. He helps to make sure that they have access to food and all of the other resources they need to thrive. Not only that, but during the cold winter months he has also personally distributed more than 300 blankets. When the weather starts to get warm again, those blankets can then be sold at a profit – allowing families access to the extra money they need to continue to make ends meet.

After Patrick Lucchese began to work with people, he learned a truth that many of us take for granted. Even though his career has taken him to great levels of success, their families were truly not that different from him. Some people were born to worse circumstances than others, but beyond that they shared a lot in common. He had an opportunity to get an education, others did not. He had the chance to go far in life, others did not. For those reasons, Patrick Lucchese believes that it is his mission to help as many people as he can.

The similarities of the work he does with the favela and the assistance that he provides to entrepreneurs is also not something that is lost on him. They are two different sides of the same coin and for him, that makes them part of the same mission as well.