Mint Global Marketing Shares How To Revamp Your Social Media Strategy For 2022

Mint Global Marketing Shares How To Revamp Your Social Media Strategy For 2022

Social media has dug its way into just about every aspect of our lives. Businesses have not been excluded from this phenomenon.

In fact, for businesses, social media is one of the most useful tools they could possibly use. This has been true for years, and it’s not going to change in 2022 or anytime soon.

Mint Global Marketing is a leader in international marketing, and is one of the best agencies in the world when it comes to creating and implementing digital marketing strategies, and they’re here to share some tips for leveling up your social media game in 2022. 

Know Your Audience

You never want to assume who your audience is. Assumptions will lead to wasted energy and funds, and a much lower return on investment. Mint Global Marketing doesn’t just recommend learning who your target audience is, they say it is an absolute necessity.

Not many businesses are using social data and modern tools to find out who is using their product(s), meaning doing so will give you an edge on most of the competition and will reap nothing but benefits. Knowing your audience is a prerequisite for many of the other tips listed in this article.

Once you know who is looking at your social media posts and activity, you’ll know how to perfectly engage them and gain their trust as well as their loyalty. 

Know Your Brand and Tone 

Brands are like personalities, there are so many possible options. Do you want your business to come across as friendly and casual?

Maybe your audience loves memes, and you can be the supplier of those memes. Maybe you need to have a professional tone for an older audience that expects more serious posts.

It’s important to find a tone that will suit your audience, and to stick with it. Mint Global Marketing emphasizes the importance of being genuine. You don’t want to come across as that company pretending to be “hip” in order to sell things.

This is why having a brand or social media manager (or atleast a consultant) is so important. 

Know Your Metrics

Everything in your business should be generated by data. There are so many metrics in social media to look at, but not all of them are of equal importance. Some important metrics to know about are reach, clicks, engagement, and finally sentiment.

It’s vital to set up a rank or hierarchy of importance for these metrics. Some businesses may want their ads to be seen by more people, in order to spread their name and raise their legitimacy, while others may want more engagement and clicks in order to bring more people to their website or social media page.

Figuring out what your business needs in order to grow and working towards raising that metric is a key strategy for profiting off of your social media investments in 2022. 

Know Your Competitors

Not sure what tone to go with when engaging with your audience? Well, shop around and find out what others in your business space are doing. Check if they’re casual and cracking jokes with their audience or if they keep things completely professional and to the point.

See how their audience reacts. Do their followers spam memes in the comments, or thought out provocative paragraphs? Scoping out your competitor will show you what works and what doesn’t, and will help you better understand how your audience will react to certain strategies.

Once again, it all ties right back to learning your audience. 

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