How to get your store more foot traffic when selling wholesale water pipes

As any business knows, getting foot traffic is essential to success. So when selling wholesale water pipes, having a solid online and offline presence is critical. Here are four ways your store can get more people in the door to purchase your products. 

 1. Get involved with local events related to water pipes and smoking accessories. This could include participating in or hosting trade shows, sponsoring meet-ups, or donating products for raffles or giveaways. Many water pipe and hand pipe wholesale forums online can get you plugged into the water pipe community. Getting to know water pipes enthusiasts will help you understand what kind of events they would be interested in attending.

2. Develop an effective social media strategy and make sure to post regularly about your water pipe products. This will help you reach a wider audience who may not be aware of your products yet.

3. Make use of targeted advertising both online and offline. For example, if you offer water pipes popular in a particular area, advertise your water pipe store to those using Google ads, Facebook ads, and other similar platforms.

4. Join communities online and offline where water pipe enthusiasts meet up. These could be forums or pages on Facebook, Instagram hashtags, Reddit threads, or other groups dedicated to water pipes. When joining these communities, make sure to engage with others and answer questions they have about water pipes and selling wholesale water pipes.

In addition to those four steps, there are also several ways to improve your store’s SEO so that it ranks higher in searches for water pipe stores online. First, having a solid web presence is essential because 70% of mobile searchers expect a website to load in less than two seconds.

For water-pipe related keywords, the rankings are currently as follows:

1. waterpipe – 100 3. waterpipe shop – 91 5. water pipe store- 86 8. water pipe for sale- 81 10 water pipes wholesale – 79 12 glass water pipe – 77 13 smoking accessories – 76 15 water bong store- 74 16 where to buy water pipes- 72 18 Pipe Unlimited- 67 21 head shop online – 60 22 Online Headshop LLC (cheapest) – 28 23 glasssmokingaccessories (similar domain name) – 21

25 high-end glass wholesale directly linked to site’s homepage_(lowest ranking of all 25 listings).

To your store’s SEO, make sure to create a unique page for your water pipe store on Google My Business, including articles to the top 5% of pages in your industry related to water pipes and smoking accessories, link from water pipe blog posts to product pages, use lots of optimized images throughout your site, have well-written product descriptions with keyword-rich terms, and submit water pipes and water bongs to e-commerce platforms such as Shopify’s app store. Doing this will help you rank much higher for water pipe keywords, increasing traffic going directly to your store.


You can do a few things to get your store more foot traffic when selling wholesale water pipes:   Make sure your shop is easy to find online and in the real world. Have an eye-catching storefront. Stock trendy water pipe brands. Offer good customer service. Promote your shop on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Cross-promote with other businesses in the same industry. Attend trade shows and conventions related to smoking accessories. Give away freebies or discounts when customers make a purchase.