How Much Weed Does it Take to Get High?

If you’re new to smoking marijuana or it’s been a while since you’ve had your last puff, you might search for some answers about how much you should smoke. Most people get into smoking due to social influences, such as a high school buddy or friend group that first introduces you. Depending on your initial experiences, many people will decide on whether they will continue or not. We’ll go over a few key factors that cause smokers high. 

What Impacts the High You Get 

Potency: One huge component is highly dependent on the potency of the weed. Some cannabis contains as much as 30% or more, while other cannabis has less than 105 of THC. It’s hard to gauge the exact amount, unless the cannabis has explicitly been lab tested. 

Tolerance: Just like most drugs, your body can build up a tolerance to marijuana. Someone who smokes every day will have a higher tolerance than someone smoking for the first time. The more you smoke weed, the higher your tolerance level is. For those with a high tolerance, it takes a more substantial amount of weed to get high. 

Physiological Traits: You’re overall size, and weight also plays a critical factor in getting high. There are biological and genetic factors that influence your level of high such as your respiratory system health, metabolism, and cannabinoid receptor development. 

How Much Marijuana Should You Smoke

If you’re a first timer, it’ll likely only take you about one to two hits to get high. Take a hit and wait a few minutes. Then notice the effects you’re starting to feel. If the weed is high-quality or you still aren’t feeling it, you can take three or four hits. Most new smokers won’t smoke an entire joint or bowl by themselves. Remember, if you smoke excessively, you’ll need multiple joints and bowls to get high. As a result, it’ll be quite a costly habit for you. 

If you’re worried about how long weed stays in your system, you should read this

How Much Edibles Should You Eat 

With edibles, you won’t feel the effects until 45 minutes to 2 hours later. This is where things can get quite dangerous. It’s easy to stop smoking from a joint or bowl because you feel the effects quite rapidly. This means you could end up taking way too much and feel terrible due to the amount taken. 

The state of Colorado recommends taking 10mg dosage for new edible intakers. This takes a bit of experimenting as some people might not feel anything on 10 mg, while others feel high. 

It’s also essential to have someone experienced by your side. For homemade edibles, you never know the exact amount of THC in the edible, so it’s good to stay on the side of caution. 

How Much Concentrates If You’re a New Dabber 

There’s no exact science for dabbing, but we recommend in taking the small dab possible like the size of a dime. There’s no need trying to show off or overdoing it because you’ll end up coughing your lungs out.