Guide: My Favorite Courses From The Site Helpers & How To Choose The Right One For You

Client Review of The Site Helpers

Creating a website has never been easier than in 2022; however, it has never been harder to create a quality website that people love to visit. 

Most businesses take the easy way out and use services that claim to do all of the hard work. What most people do not realize is that their website ends up looking generic by using these services. On top of this, the businesses lose most of the customization options that come with an actual, built-from-scratch website. 

So there are two other options, one is to hire a developer, which can be expensive. The other option is to learn from a company specializing in teaching web development to entrepreneurs and business-oriented individuals. 

A company like The Site Helpers has helped countless businesses dive into the modern world of web development and overhaul their websites. We actually got a chance to interview one of The Site Helper’s recent clients and would like to share that with you. 

Where were you at before beginning your courses with The Site Helpers? 

Before working with The Site Helpers, I had taken a single web development class in college and knew some HTML. But that was years ago, so I forgot pretty much everything. 

It felt like starting from scratch, and The Site Helpers’ classes were fantastic for getting me up to speed on modern techniques and languages. 

web hosting courses by The Site Helpers

How’d you choose which courses to take? 

I took them as I needed them. Since I was a newbie, I chose the introduction to modern website design course. After that, I did the WordPress course and then moved to website hosting. The latter helped me get the best value for website hosting.

I loved every course I took and am currently in the middle of their outsourcing course since my business is starting to pick up. It’s great that they helped me build my business in a way, and now that I have less time, they’re helping me manage it. 

What is WordPress? How good are their classes on it? 

WordPress is a content management system, so it’s kind of like the backbone of my website. Most websites on the internet are built with WordPress because it makes it much easier than starting from complete scratch. 

It offers a lot of functionality, and there are many add-ons you can get that will improve your site. Their classes were fantastic; I feel like a pro now. They even cover PHP in their courses, which is something most classes do not offer, but it’s so valuable. 

So how can someone choose which class to take? 

To choose a class, simply think about what your business needs, you know. Do you have any experience? If so, then how is your website built? In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with the WordPress classes, followed by the website hosting class. 

If you’re a complete beginner, then start from the beginning with the introduction courses. That will help you learn what you need to know. 

What are some things The Site Helpers courses offer that many other classes won’t?

Their modern website design process course opened my eyes to what features my business website must have. I still subscribe because it keeps me up to date on real-world techniques big players use. 

Most classes that I’ve found only teach things that would be useful 20 years ago. It’s nice knowing that I’m up to speed. Also, if I decide to outsource my website design, I’ll know what I’m talking about and ensure that I get a quality product. 

The Site Helpers offer a wide array of online courses. Choose among their customized online courses on their website at