F.H. Cann & Associates Shares Customer Service Principles When Servicing Aging Demographics

Working in accounts receivables management services can be a challenging and sensitive line of work. Especially when handling vulnerable populations, such as aging demographics of clients, you want to make sure the company handling your services is well-equipped for the job. F. H. Cann & Associates is a leading provider of first-class customer service and best-in-class account receivables management services. For large companies who need added phone support to governments and municipalities, they’re experienced at handling diverse and complicated call center projects in today’s business landscape. Today, they’re sharing some of their key customer service principals when servicing aging demographics.

Customers are the priority

According to F. H. Cann & Associates, customer care should be at the forefront of any account receivables management business. Being customer centric is what helps an account receivables management business stand out from the competition, and properly service clients. This is especially true when working with customers who serve aging demographics, across any industry. Servicing aging demographics requires certain skills, sensitivity, and finesse, and not every account receivables management provider is able to handle this line of work. Here are some key customer service principals to look for when servicing aging demographics:

  • Customization: Having a customized program is key when working with an aging demographic, as this group is certainly not one-size-fits-all. FHC is known for the way they customize their client services.
  • Technological advances: Using the latest and most efficient technology can make a huge difference when serving aging demographics, which FHC knows first-hand.
  • Highly-trained staff: A big part of properly serving aging demographics includes having a highly-trained staff. Having experts at the helm makes servicing aging demographics a successful experience.

Serving many industries

When it comes to servicing aging demographics, being able to work within a wide range of industries is key, according to F.H. Cann & Associates. Many industries deal with complex account receivables management projects involving aging demographics. Here are a few examples:

  • Medical: Many clients who have medical debts will be in the aging demographics. FHC knows that it takes certain experience to successfully recover these sensitive debts.
  • Government: State and local governments often have complicated and particular needs when it comes to recovering debts from aging demographics. FHC is experienced in navigating these unique challenges.
  • Financial institutions: Plenty of nationally chartered banks, credit unions and other financial institutions need account receivables management services, involving aging demographics. From credit cards to overdrawn accounts, FHC covers it all.
  • Utility: Many utility debts can come from aging demographics, and servicing this unique clientele takes a specific skill set. For example, FHC is experienced at recovering debts while adhering to all public utilities commission guidelines and federal and state requirements.

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