Executive Joe Jedlowski Shares How To Stand Out As A Top Employee

Joseph Jedlowski

Positively standing out at work is one of the assured ways to succeed. Carrying out daily tasks is more than just getting the job done while you are there. It’s also about cultivating positive relationships and establishing a solid reputation amongst your colleagues and employers.

There are many reasons why you should always strive to stand out as a top employee because invisibility at work can have a devastating impact on your career. 

In the post, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Distinctive Living,  Joe Jedlowski, sheds some light on how to stand out as a top employee in the workplace.

Before his position at Distinctive Living, Joe Jedlowski was President and Owner of Milestone Retirement Communities, LLC.

Keep reading to learn more awesome details of how you can also stand out in the world of work.

So, how can you stand out at work?

Doing your job and doing it exceptionally is the first step to take to stand out at work. When you carry out your job excellently, you are branding yourself as a person that is good at the job and gets the job done.

This will also show that you care about your job and role and also the success of the company. Thus, if the management team requires a leader, they will first consider people dedicated to the jobs. 

How will being team-oriented, cooperating and collaborating help you stand out?

Many people often underestimate the importance of being team-oriented in any workplace. They often feel that working alone and trying to do everything by themselves so they can get all the praise and reward is the best approach to standing out as a top employee.

I can confidently say that this view is wrong more often than not. When you can actively show that you are team-oriented and willing to cooperate and collaborate, you are also showing your employers that you are capable of fostering collective effort through teamwork.

Teamwork is the foundation of any successful company. 

What can you say about communication in the workplace? 

Well, first off, a lack of effective communication can have a detrimental impact on the growth of the whole company. When communication is inadequate, confusing, or misinterpreted in a team or corporation, a lot of things can go wrong.

Effective communication skills will help you stand out as a top employee in any workplace. 

What else are you supposed to do besides your job?

Many people are unaware that, in addition to being employed to perform a job, it is also your responsibility to be a member of the company and to do all it takes to ensure its success. To demonstrate your value to your employer, you must always look for methods to save or create money for the organization. You can do this by offering suggestions or solutions when you can. Offer to help others when possible and most importantly, be proactive!

What do you do when you feel valued at work?

I know everyone knows that working in a job where your efforts go unrecognized is not enjoyable. If this happens, you have to consider certain things. Ensure you’re being realistic and not overthinking the matter.

A way you can review this is by carrying out a personal test that reviews your work and achievements thus far. Ask yourself how well you have been doing your job? If it was ordinary or exceptional above that of others.

You can also politely discuss it with your boss, to learn about your strengths or weaknesses over the past months. You can try to work towards increasing your team’s visibility at work.

Most importantly, validate yourself, when you’re working hard and you can see positive results, appreciate your accomplishments always. Real fulfilment comes from within.