Equities First Holdings Appoints New Asia CEO Gordon Crosbie-Walsh

Equities First Holdings, which is a financing company backed by global assets, has appointed Gordon Crosbie-Walsh as their new Asia CEO. The company’s announcement also stated that the appointment takes effect right away. In his new role, Gordon will be managing the entire Asia region when it comes to the Equities First Holdings operations. There is more to the role than operations management, however, which is important to note based on Gordon’s qualifications for the role. He will also have duties that focus on business development in the region, which is an area that includes Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

For the past three decades, Gordon has continued to work and gather experience throughout the financial services field. Among that experience is chartered accounting, equity sales, equity research, and investment banking. He will now take all of that experience and bring it to his new Asia CEO role, allowing him to use that experience and his skills to provide quality leadership to the Asia branch of Equities First Holdings. That will help ensure that all of the companies partners get the most from any interactions they have with the company. In turn. that can help those clients and the company advance to a more successful financial future.

Before coming onboard at Equities First Holdings, Gordon was primarily involved in the investment banking sector. He led a number of businesses in that area throughout Asia. These included CM Financial and Jefferies Asia. At the latter company, he was Head, Equity Capital Markets which was a role that helped prepare him for his current appointment to CEO, Asia at Equities First Holdings. His leadership venture at Jefferies was not the beginning of his leadership career. Prior to that, he worked in senior leadership JP Morgan, in the Equity Capital Markets division. Before that, Gordon spent more than 10 years as Head of Equity Sales and Managing Director at Deutsche Bank and Salomon Smith Barney.

The Executive Chairman and CEO of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy Jr, was excited to have Gordon get settled into his new role. In a statement, Christy Jr addressed the belief that Gordon’s track record makes him an excellent fit for the role of Asia CEO. Gordon has unique qualifications that can help him take on business issues in the region and move the company to the next level. While Equities First Holdings is already doing well on a global scale, the company is always looking for ways to develop and grow. Gordon may help the company do that in the Asia region, with the skills and abilities he brings to the role.

Additionally, Christy Jr focused on the deep understanding that Gordon has of the progressive capital market and the region where his duties will be located. Because of that, he is a natural fit for the role and can begin to implement needed changes or adjustments from the very first day. His long career has set him up for success in this new role. Equities First Holdings uses an innovative investment model which can overcome some of the issues that are seen with traditional financing and commonly used methods. By working to continue to develop that model and suit it for the way investors operate throughout the Asia region, Gordon will be a valuable asset to Equities First Holdings’ efforts in that area of the world.

Gordon Crosbie-Walsh commented on the announcement from his location in Hong Kong, where he said he was honored to be selected as the Asia CEO by Equities First Holdings. He also talked about his respect for the company and the approach it uses to its investment model. Underserved asset owners who are looking for efficient means of capital procurement frequently find that the model offered by Equities First Holdings is the right one for their specific needs. That helps ensure that any relationships between the company and its partners are benefiting both sides of the equation, and the company’s partners can seize important and timely investment and business opportunities in a manner that works for them. Gordon is looking forward to working with global leadership and the Asia team in order to move Equities First Holdings ahead in performance and success.  

Find Out More About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has a unique business model that will ensure clients and partners the opportunity to get needed capital and make important investments to keep their companies moving forward. As a global investment company, Equities First Holdings is wholly-owned by Alexander Christy Jr. He is an American entrepreneur and financier, and has piloted the company toward continued growth and development. Right now, Equities First Holdings manages over $1 billion USD in proprietary capital. A public equity portfolio is handled by the company and works with its business model. The management of this portfolio is at the core of the investment strategy used by Equities First Holdings.

It’s portfolio has been constructed through financing that is backed by equity. The company is worldwide in scale, and has worked with hundreds of clients to provide them with the capital they need to move their business ventures forward. Equities First Holdings’ progressive capital offerings have been given to corporations, investors, and other kinds of shareholders. A focus on the long term is a bit part of the company’s strategy. The company is incorporated in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, and was created in 2002. It has since expanded to 12 regional offices, and all of those are located in major financial markets throughout the world.

All subsidiaries of the company are licensed or registered with local financial regulators. This includes those located in Hong Kong, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Dubai. The Securities and Futures Commission licenses the company in Hong Kong, with a CE number of BFJ407 issued for the Regulated Activity of Dealing in Securities. Equities First Holdings is committed to providing a quality investment experience to its partners, and fostering good relationships around the globe with those who need financial backing for their continued business development.