Dr. Betsy Guerra: Helping Others Discover Their Divine Calling Through Faith-Based Coaching

In a world where psychology and coaching have limitations, Dr. Betsy Guerra is a beacon of hope by combining the two and sprinkling the missing piece of faith. Her unique approach integrates her 20 years of clinical work with faith-based coaching to help individuals discover their divine calling and leave the world better than they found it. She believes that human beings have incredible potential, but through faith and spiritual connection, they can truly unlock their greatness.

The Gift of Faith: 

Dr. Betsy Guerra is a woman of faith. She incorporates her faith into her work, helping individuals tap into their own spiritual connection to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Her unique blend of psychology and spirituality creates an explosion of amazingness, inspiring others to rise and reach their true potential.

Answering Prayers: 

Dr. Betsy Guerra believes that God listens to people’s prayers and then nudges or inspires us to create the solution that will answer those petitions. We are His vessels. It is our privilege and responsibility to obey and become the answer to other people’s prayers. In that process, we arrive at our purpose–where our gifts and passions meet service. 

The Coaching Academy: 

Driven by her obedience to God’s calling, Dr. Betsy Guerra founded a coaching academy where she teaches her psycho-spiritual approach to aspiring coaches. Her academy fills a gap in the market by offering a life coach certification program that includes spirituality from a God-centered perspective. People who love to help others and seek a deeper spiritual connection thrive in her academy.

Living a Guided Life: 

Dr. Betsy Guerra, the mastermind of success, has unlocked the ultimate cheat code: living a guided life. You won’t believe it, but she’s got a direct line to the divine! She’s got God on speed dial, folks! By staying connected and hanging out with the Big Guy upstairs, she’s got the inside scoop on her purpose. Talk about having the ultimate life coach! With a heavenly partner in crime, Dr. Guerra struts through life with unshakable confidence, knowing that failure isn’t in the cards for her. Move over, mere mortals—she’s got divine intervention on her side!

So, if you’re looking for the secret to success, forget about fancy strategies or self-help books. Just get yourself a celestial best friend like Dr. Guerra. Who needs a personal assistant when you can have the Almighty as your wingman? It’s time to tap into the heavenly hotline and let the divine guide you to victory. Remember, failure is last season when you’ve got a divine partner in crime. Game on, world!


Dr. Betsy Guerra’s faith-based coaching approach provides a unique and powerful solution for those seeking to discover their divine calling. With her blend of psychology, spirituality, and unwavering faith, she helps individuals move beyond their limitations and embrace their true potential. By incorporating faith into her work, she empowers others to live a guided life and become the best versions of themselves. Dr. Betsy Guerra’s impact extends beyond her clients and students; she is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the fulfillment that comes from living in alignment with one’s purpose.