Click Clone Cash Shares: What Makes An NFT Project Stand Out

Click Clone Cash NFT tips

It’s extremely hard to stand out in today’s NFT market. There are so many new artists and developers entering the market. 

With such a massive crowd of talented artists and beautiful art, what will make collectors and investors purchase your NFTs? There is no silver bullet, but there are things you can do. 

We talked to Click Clone Cash in an interview and asked them for NFT tips. How to make projects and art stand out, and what NFT creators can do to gain traction. 

Click Clone Cash are NFT experts and an excellent source for NFT news, projects, analysts, strategies, etc. This is why they’re the perfect people to answer our questions. 

Do you think the actual art is more important, or is the story of the art? Which should artists focus on?

Both are important, of course. But good art is far beyond just the technical aspect. 

So art is important, but it doesn’t need to be technically excellent if that makes sense. So with that being said, we believe that the backstory is much more critical. 

Tell people what makes your NFT special, why they are different, why they’ll be a great long-term hold. We at the Click Clone Cash always tell artists to have the art match the backstory. 

There’s a reason Picasso’s blue period paintings are so famous, even beyond typical Picasso paintings. 

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How about the marketplace? How should artists choose where to sell NFTs? 

Definitely! The marketplace is important. Artists need to be honest about their expectations and choose the best one for them. 

Some marketplaces won’t mint your NFT until it’s sold, which will save you money in the short term, but they’ll also take a more significant percentage of the cut. So, gauge how many you’ll sell and shop around. 

How can artists build hype around their NFTs and get people interested?

All of the NFT experts at Click Clone Cash believe that Communities matter in the world of NFTs. We always suggest starting a community if you don’t have one already. If you already have a few NFTs on the market, you may already have some fans. 

Start discord communities, get active on Twitter, things like that. Beyond just traditional marketing and saying, “Hey, buy this project,” you’re saying that you want to build a long-term family. 

It’s much more personal this way, and people will be more willing to support you. 

What should the general feeling of an NFT sale be? Fun? Serious? Pristine?

We think fun wins out most of the time. It all depends on the art, the artist, and the community but in my experience people like fun, right? 

Some NFT developers create virtual waiting rooms where people can chit-chat while waiting for an NFT. Have you ever been to a release of a new game or pair of shoes? 

People wait in line; they talk, have fun, make friends; it’s fantastic. NFTs have the power to bring this into the digital world. 

How can an NFT stand out from others are far as targeting customers? Is there a customer base being ignored by many sellers? 

Well, just like everything, there are target markets for NFTs. Many sellers ignore low-income markets, which we at Click Clone Cash think is a mistake. 

First of all, people are more willing to spend less money, especially on a collection. So having your NFT project open to big budget and small budget customers alike will expand your customer base and prevent your project from feeling elitist to outsiders.