8 Reasons You Might Need a Tow Truck Besides an Accident

If you’ve ever been in a car accident bad enough that your car was immobilized and needed to be towed away, you’d already know how stressful the entire ordeal can be, wether unintentional or resulting from a USA crime. But did you know that an accident isn’t the only situation you might need to get a tow truck in? There are several things that can happen to your car that may require the assistance of a tow truck. In this post, we’re going to be going over the top 8! 

#1: Dead Battery 

If your car’s battery has died, you’re going to need to give it a boost for it to work again. Sometimes, that doesn’t work. If the battery stays dead, it’s a better idea to call a tow company in Brooklyn, or in your local area to come and tow your car to a mechanic for you. 

#2: Tyre issues

If you’ve got an unexpected flat tyre, and either don’t know how to change a tyre or simply don’t have a spare on hand, you’re going to need the car to be towed to have the tyre fixed and replaced. 

#3: Overheating 

If your car has overheated, it may turn off and refuse to turn back on. Although you could wait it out and hope that the car eventually cools down and try to restart it then, if it’s hot outside, it’s likely that that won’t be very helpful. If the car doesn’t cool down fast enough, you’ll find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere for good! In this case, it’s better to have the car towed.

#4: Stalled engine

Sometimes, it’s not a dead battery, or an overheating issue. Your car may also not work if your entire engine is stalled! This is a major problem and should only be fixed by a professional mechanic. If your car can’t be driven over, have it towed immediately!

#5: Smoke coming out 

Any type of smoke coming out of your car is a sign for concern. If this happens, stop what you’re doing, get out of the car and while maintaining a safe distance, call the towing company. Remember to specify which color the smoke is to them so they can have a general idea of what might be causing the problem and come prepared! Don’t just drive the car away once the smoke stops, have a professional mechanic take a look at it before putting your life at risk by turning it on again!

#6: Out of fuel 

No one plans on this one. We all think that our cars have “enough” fuel… until our cars run out of it and we end up stranded on the side of the road! Getting to a gas station, and bringing back the appropriate fuel for your car can be stressful and sometimes it simply isn’t possible! A Tow truck will be able to deliver fuel to your car, and if there’s something wrong with it and it still won’t turn on even after being refueled, the car can be towed as well! 

#7: Extreme Weather

If you live in a state where there are extreme weather conditions, or your area has been hit hard with climate change causing the weather to be unpredictable, you might find your car stuck in snow, mud, water or virtually anything else! In all of these cases, the one thing that can actually help your car out of the mess quickly, safely and efficiently, is a tow truck!  

#8: Noises 
If you’re driving and suddenly hear noises that weren’t coming from your car before, chances are that something is either something is stuck in your car, or something broke inside. Either way, to ensure that whatever is inside doesn’t end up damaging the entire engine, you should have the car towed and dropped at a mechanic’s shop to be fixed!