6 Reasons Why Seniors Love BarxBuddy

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Training a dog can be a tough experience for just about anybody, but for seniors, training a dog can be even more challenging. A new dog or an old dog may need training, and many parts of training can actually end up being difficult for seniors. Especially if your dog has habits that are extremely unpleasant, like excessive barking, training can be a stressful experience for seniors. 

A new dog training device is helping average people train their dogs at home with ease, and it seems to be especially helpful for seniors. BarxBuddy is a handy dog training device that is extremely easy to use, even for seniors who are looking to their pups. 

All dog owners know what it’s like when your dog has a difficult tendency, and BarxBuddy makes it easy to train your dogs on your time, from the comfort of your home. Here are 6 reasons why seniors in particular love the BarxBuddy dog training device.

  • It’s a harmless training device

There are plenty of dog training devices on the market, but many of them can actually cause your dog distress. Prong collars and shock collars are two examples of devices that are commonly used to train dogs. 

The great thing about BarxBuddy is that this device is completely harmless to dogs and other animals. It works by emitting a high-pitched tone, which simply gets your dog’s attention. The best part is that the sound isn’t audible to humans, so you don’t have to worry about being annoyed by the tone.

  • It enables seniors to be in control of dog training

In most cases, dog training can seem like a difficult task, and seniors may be inclined to let other people train their dogs. With the BarxBuddy dog training device, it’s easy for seniors themselves to train their dogs with ease. 

This means that your dog is much more likely to respond to you directly, because they’ll know that you’re the one in control of the training.

  • It’s lightweight and portable

Many dog training devices can be bulky and difficult to use. For example, prong collars can be tough to get on and off your dog for walks. But the BarxBuddy is a lightweight and portable device, that is easy to carry around. 

This means you can bring the BarxBuddy with you on walks, and leave several around the house, so you can take advantage of any and all training opportunities.

  • BarxBuddy is simple to use

BarxBuddy is great for seniors because it’s simple to use, and thus simple to successfully train your dog on your own. When your dog is acting up, you press the button on the BarxBuddy to emit the high-pitched tone. 

This should get your dog’s attention, so they stop misbehaving. If you need a little extra help, there’s also an LED light on the BarxBuddy. Once your dog is calm, you can reward them with their favorite treat or the praise of your choice. BarxBuddy takes misbehaving moments and makes them teachable moments.

  • It can also be used for personal safety

Another reason why seniors love the BarxBuddy dog training device is because it can also be used as a personal safety device. If you’ve ever encountered an aggressive dog or other animal on your walk, you know how intimidating that can be. 

If you have your BarxBuddy handy, you can use it to ward off unwanted animal encounters, just as you use it to train your own pup.

  • It brings training into your own home

Seniors love BarxBuddy because it enables them to train their own dog in their home, which is not as common as you might think. Most behavioral classes will be at locations outside of your home, led by trainers. 

This can be confusing for your dog, who might have a hard time adapting those behaviors once they’re back in your home, and under your control. The BarxBuddy dog training device makes it so that every member of the family can participate and train your dog in your home.

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