6 Helpful Tips for Purchasing a Vehicle for an Aging Parent

Your aging parent might be interested in purchasing a car, and you could be interested in helping them with the process as much as you can. These tips can help you if you are ready to help your aging parent with this important process.

1. Choose a Comfortable Vehicle

Comfort is always important when you’re purchasing a vehicle, and it’s even more important for someone who is aging, in many cases. If your parent has back pain or arthritis, for example, you’ll want to keep this in mind when choosing a vehicle. Looking for a car that is an easy height for your parent to get in and out of is important for comfort, and you may want to look for a vehicle with adjustable seats and lumbar support. Your loved one might want to sit in a few different vehicles to get an idea of which one is most comfortable for them at their advanced age.

2. Focus on Safety

You are probably particularly concerned about your parent’s safety when they get behind the wheel. You’ll likely want to look for a vehicle that has good crash test ratings. You may also want to look for a car that has safety features that can be useful for your parent, such as a backup camera and blind spot detection.

3. Help Them Choose the Right Insurance

Obviously, your parent’s vehicle is going to need insurance. Be aware that older adults are sometimes charged higher insurance rates, so you and your parent might want to shop around before securing coverage from an insurance company. If your parent is financing the vehicle, make sure that the insurance policy meets the lender’s requirements. For example, in many cases, car lenders require their financed vehicles to be covered with comprehensive and collision coverage in addition to liability insurance. Additionally, they might require that the deductible be set at a certain amount or less.

4. Assist With Financing Options

If your parent is living on a fixed income, saving up money to purchase a car in cash can be difficult. If this is the case, financing might be helpful. Assist your parent in finding a car loan that suits their budget and that doesn’t have overly high-interest rates.

5. Ask About a Maintenance Plan

Keeping up with car maintenance is important, but it might be difficult or expensive for your aging parent. If possible, consider asking the dealer about a maintenance plan that will cover oil changes and other maintenance.

6. Ensure the Car Has a Warranty

Lastly, you’ll likely want to ensure that your parent’s car can be repaired when needed. You could be hoping to reduce their out-of-pocket costs for repairs, too. Assisting them in finding a vehicle that has a warranty can be very helpful for both of these reasons.

Having a vehicle at an advanced age will help your parent maintain their independence. However, it is important to take the right choices when making a vehicle at an older age. Luckily, if you are willing to help, and if you follow these tips, you can hopefully help your parent with purchasing and owning a car as an older adult.