5 Reasons to Hem the Pants of Someone With Mobility Issues

If someone you love suffers from mobility issues, you’ll want to make sure that there are minimal hazards interrupting their daily life. One way to do this is by ensuring that your loved one is comfortable and safe in their routine and in the clothing they wear daily. Although it may seem small, here are 5 reasons why hemming the pants of someone with mobility issues is crucial for their overall safety.

1. Avoid Trips and Falls While Walking

People with mobility issues still enjoy movement when and where they are able to. That’s why it’s important to make sure that their clothes won’t cause any mobility issues. If their pants are too long, they can trip and fall even if they are taking just the smallest steps. If their sleeves are too long, they can fiddle with them and become unbalanced. These may seem minor but for those struggling with mobility, they make a big difference.

People with mobility issues still enjoy their freedom. It’s important for them to be able to move about freely when they are able to. By having clothes tailored to fit, there are hazards a person can more easily avoid. Clothes are less likely to get caught on objects which can cause bad injuries and falls.

2. Prevent Issues with Wheels

Some people with mobility issues utilize a wheelchair or scooter to get around. Many of these devices have motorized wheels that should be kept free of hazards. That’s why it’s important for your loved one to have clothes that fit. Baggy clothes can get caught in motorized wheels which can lead to injury and damaged equipment.

3. Give Confidence While Keeping Safe

People with mobility issues also may suffer from overall mental health issues. That’s because when someone’s mobility is impacted, they lose confidence in other areas of their life. They can begin to doubt their abilities overall. Doing something as small as hemming their pants can give them their confidence back. When a person with mobility issues doesn’t have to worry about something small like that, they can take charge of their life once more.

4. Shortcuts Can Create Hazards

It’s important to hem the pants of someone with mobility hazards because it’s the proper way to keep them safe. Taking shortcuts by gluing or stapling pants can be uncomfortable, cause injury, and ultimately lead to tripping hazards again like before. Hemming is an easy way to add longevity to pants.

5. Create Comfort and Avoid Wear-and-Tear

People with mobility issues tend to feel comfortable in their routines. They tend to enjoy things like wearing a similar style of pants each day because they get used to how they move in those pants. When you have mobility issues, the smallest things can make the biggest difference in how you move. If pants are uncomfortable, it can throw your balance off as you try to deal with the discomfort.

Overall, mobility issues are hard to deal with, but having the right type of pants can help make things easier. It’s a small comfort that everyone deserves to have. Hemming the pants for someone with mobility issues is a small way to show that you love them and want to keep them safe.