4 Ways to Find Matching Clothing for a Multi-Generational Family

There are many reasons to want to have all the generations of your family adorn matching clothes. Whether for a fun family Christmas card or a long-awaited family reunion, matching clothes are necessary. The problem is where to go to find all the outfits that you need. Here are four ways to find the outfits that you need.

1- Plan a Sports Theme Photo

One of the best ways to get a great family photo is to put everyone in clothes they will love. Does your family all root for the same team, or is there a bit of a rivalry among the generations? Do you support different college teams? Imagine the fun photo if everyone was supporting their favorite college football team. The possibilities are endless. Most photographers suggest not dressing everyone exactly alike. Try to mix it up. You do not want everyone wearing the same jersey. Head to the local sporting goods store for ideas. The youngest generation could wear future football play or cheerleader shirts.

2- Think About a Cozy Pajama Party

There is nothing sweeter than the iconic pajama Christmas photo. The more generations participating, the better the memory. Grandpa may not want to wear cutesy jammies, and he does not have to. Matching pajamas does not necessarily mean identical. Gramps could be in the same color scheme as the children and still look the part. Places like Target, Amazon, Old Navy, and Walmart have plenty of choices for the entire family. There are several specialty stores online featuring matching pajamas that may have some good ideas.

3- Consider Having Clothes Embroidered

Multi-generational photos are an important keepsake for all families. However, what about the clothes? Are you looking to create outfits that will go to future generations or for special family events? Consider having clothes embroidered. Not only will the embroidery stand out, but it is something unique and unusual. Embroidered clothes do not fade and crack like printed shirts. Embroidered designs are easy to customize with monograms, a family name or saying, and more. Each person can have a unique shirt but still match everyone else within the family. The clothes will make for a great family keepsake and opportunities for future family members to wear in future generational pictures.

4- Maybe a Little DIY

There is nothing wrong with making everyone’s clothes yourself if you have time and sewing experience. There are many patterns online to help make the process easy. Buying material online will help to keep the costs down. However, have you thought about getting everyone in the process? Purchase shirts and paint in different colors, and let everyone in on the action. For example, all the grandkids can create a shirt with their handprints for the grandparents. Handprints can be shaped into a tree to represent a family tree. The options are endless, with some thought, imagination, and fun.

Every family is different; however, one thing is the same. Everyone will cherish a multi-generational keepsake. Whether you want something as unique as embroidery or something as fun as letting the kids make the clothes, it will be a memory to cherish.