4 Signs You May Be Suffering From Memory Loss

It can be alarming to find yourself trying to carry on with your typical day-to-day activities and suffering to remember the details. This can be especially challenging in a professional environment.

After all, how can you hope to run an efficient warehouse, or follow up with clients if you’re having trouble remembering important details? While forgetfulness can often be simply a matter of aging or fatigue, it can be something much more serious in other cases.

If you’re not sure whether this is the case for you, then here are some of the biggest warning signs that you should look out for.

Difficulty Solving Problems

From your personal life to your professional life, life throws all sorts of challenges our way on a daily basis. Part of being human is coming up with solutions to solve these problems. If your brain can’t wrap itself around planning around and solving obstacles, then it may be a sign of cognitive decline.

Try and notice whether these challenges come up sporadically or if it’s something that is worsening. In some cases, it may simply be a response to stress. During moments of extreme anxiety, it can be difficult for our brains to wrap themselves around problem-solving.

Forgetting Where You Placed Things

While it’s perfectly normal to occasionally forget where you put your phone or your car keys, consistently forgetting where you place things can be a big issue. This can be especially important if it’s something critical like your medication or an important document for work.

If you start forgetting critical details in your professional environment, this won’t just impact you, but also the lives of your fellow team members and clients.

Not only can it be frustrating, but it can also be downright dangerous depending on what the items are. If you are forgetting where you place things to the point of it starting to negatively impact your life on a daily basis, then it may be time to talk to a doctor.

Spatial Issues

People who suffer from memory loss often have issues gauging their spatial awareness. Do you notice that you have difficulty judging how far away something is when you try to grab it? if you reach for something and it is much closer or further away than you anticipated, this could be a sign of Alzheimer’s. In a small environment, it may seem harmless, however, this could be a serious danger while driving. Spatial awareness problems are not something that should be overlooked and should be discussed with your doctor as soon as possible.

Mixing Up Words

Sometimes we mix up names or words, and this is perfectly normal. however, when you start mixing up words for ones that have nothing to do with the context, this could be a serious sign of Alzheimer’s. Struggling to find the right word or phrase for what you want to say is not something that should be ignored.  this is often one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s so keep an eye on it if it becomes a problem.