4 Fundraising Ideas to Raise Support for Health Organizations

Everyone wants to live a better, more healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, education about how to maintain a balanced life and improve your health can be hard to come by. Raising support for health organizations can help with outreach efforts and better health overall. But how can you raise support for your favorite health organizations? Below are some ideas to help kick off your fundraising event and support your favorite cancer research center, awareness group, and other health organization.

1- Use Social Media and Online Donations

What better way to get your closest family and friends to donate than with the help of social media? Today, there are various social media platforms that allow you to ask for donations and link directly to online charities. Take, for instance, Facebook’s birthday donation feature that allows users to ask for donations on their birthdays and provides payouts to the charity of their choice.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for your birthday to spread the word about your favorite health organization and rally help from your friends and family. Use your social media to link to your charity’s main website, share educational videos, and even testimonies to help your friends and family understand why this cause matters to you and what they can do to help.

2- Sell Custom Hats

Nothing says you support a cause quite like wearing it on your head. Custom hats and headwear are some of the best ways to spread awareness about your health organization and get people to donate! You can work with a hat wholesale manufacturer to create a beautiful logo design and order your hats in bulk. Sell them to onlookers and use the profits to donate to your favorite charity or organization.

The great thing about headwear is you can sell them year-round and use the proceeds to raise support when organizations need it the most. Trucker and baseball hats can provide shade during the summer, while knit hats can provide much-needed warmth during the cooler seasons.

3- Wellness Event Fundraiser

Wellness can take on many different shapes and sizes. From doing yoga in the mornings to eating a healthy diet, these wellness practices can help people feel their best inside and out. What better way to raise support for your health organization than to host a wellness event?

Ask for help from your local yoga instructors, sports coaches, and local restaurants and cafes for your wellness event! Donating their time can help boost awareness for their practice, attract attention from crowds, and ultimately promote a better lifestyle all while helping increase donations.

4- Raffle Prizes

Raffles can be a fun and exciting way to raise support for your favorite health organization. You can ask for prize donations from local businesses, friends, family, local schools, and other community members. These prizes can then be raffled off at an in-person or online event, with all raffle ticket proceeds going towards your favorite health charity or organization.

Raise awareness for your raffle by selling tickets online and advertising on social media. Chances are you’ll get more sales since, after all, who doesn’t love a chance at winning some great prizes? Consider giving a catchy name such as, “Breast cancer awareness giveaway” to help participants understand what this raffle is all about. The more creative, the better!