3 Crucial Reasons Why Cigars Should Be Stored in Humidors

Rudimentary cigars have been enjoyed since the 10th century, and cigars have evolved to become more refined over the last several hundred years. Today’s cigars are made with tightly rolled tobacco leaves held together by a binder leaf, a wrapper leaf, and a band. Portrayed in pop culture on the Monopoly game as well as in movies featuring mobsters and wealthy elites, cigars are more than a way to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. They are a true status symbol. While some people enjoy cigars regularly, others use them in celebration. This may be to celebrate a baby’s birth, a wedding, or other monumental occasions. While cigars have been enjoyed for centuries, they are not timeless. In fact, they must be stored properly in a humidor for the best experience.

1- Maintain Cigar Flavor

The robust flavor of each of the cigars that you select from your tobacco shop is maintained by humidity. When the tobacco leaves in the cigars are slightly moist, they expand and allow the full flavor to be enjoyed. When the leaves dry, on the other hand, they contract. This results in diminished flavor. In fact, you could notice diminished flavor from a cigar as soon as three days after it is removed from its packaging without a humidor. With a humidor, you could enjoy the full flavor for several months or longer.

2- The Life of a Cigar

Many people enjoy collecting cigars from various shops and locations that they visit. Often, they will collect cigars more quickly than they can enjoy them or share them with others. Generally, a cigar will begin drying out almost immediately. Unless you plan to smoke a cigar as soon as you walk out of a tobacco shop, special care must be taken to protect the quality of the cigar. While some people will buy cigars to celebrate a current event, even those cigars may not be enjoyed immediately. You can avoid the possibility of having to toss out an old cigar by optimizing its longevity in a humidor.

3- Damage to the Cigar

A humidor provides a warmer and more humid environment than a typical indoor room, preventing the cigar from drying out. However, when a cigar does dry out, there are slow, delicate processes that could bring back the cigar’s flavor. Keep in mind, though, that cigars have layers of tobacco leaves. The outer layers will dry out first. When the remoisturizing process is not completed properly, the outer layers of tobacco leaves will dry out while the interior leaves remain larger and moist. The result is a split cigar that can no longer be enjoyed. This can be avoided altogether by storing cigars in a humidor.

The quality and size of a humidor will impact how effective and functional it is for you. There are small travel humidors as well as decorative tabletop humidors and tall cabinets for a larger collection. Because circulation in the humidor matters, it is best to not overfill your humidor. Keep these points in mind to get the most out of your cigars.