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Tips for Having a Healthy and Successful Visit

The Ethics of Fibbing: Is It OK to Fib to My Loved One with Memory Loss?

The Ethics of Fibbing in Memory Loss

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Honesty is the best policy.”

While his words of wisdom would seem to apply to all aspects of life, there may be one situation that defies the conventional wisdom.

Today, experts in memory care say that being completely honest with a loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease or other form of dementia might not always be in their best interest.

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How to Have a Healthy and Successful Visit with Your Loved One in Memory Care

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Honoring Choices: The Foundation of Dignity for Loved Ones with Memory Loss

Dementia and Sleep: What Memory Loss Caregivers Need to Know

Dementia and Sleep

According to medical professionals, sleep is a vital human function that is essential for restoring our physical, emotional and cognitive health and maintaining our overall well-being. Sadly, memory care experts say that Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia frequently rob individuals of their normal sleep behaviors. This, in turn, has a disruptive ripple effect on the amount and quality of sleep their caregivers receive.

Walking on Sunshine: 7 Benefits of Time Outdoors for Loved Ones with Memory Loss

Benefits of Time Outdoors for Loved Ones with Memory Loss

Research shows that spending time outdoors can provide a variety of valuable health benefits for our minds and bodies. While time spent in the sun and fresh air can be beneficial to all of us, it is particularly useful for senior adults, including those requiring memory care.

However, for many older Americans, a variety of circumstances can make it difficult for them to spend quality time outdoors. For example, mobility issues, health conditions, living arrangements and other constraints can limit their access to the outside world.

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