The Advantages and Consequences of Using Standardized Tests

Every school follows some assessment criteria to evaluate the performance of students. Based on the results, they decide which student can ladder up to the next class and which one would have to work harder. These assessments also help identify student interests based on which parents and teachers can plan a future for them. 

The international Indian school in Abu Dhabi usually conducts standardized tests to assess students’ performance. Standardized tests have a fixed set of questions every child has to answer. The same paper gets circulated to the entire class, and everybody gets assessed by the answers they give. The institutes with standardized tests have nominal school fees, and the parents can definitely trust them with their child’s future. 

Advantages and consequences of standardized tests

Performance Analysis

The most significant factor of standardized tests is that they give fair and detailed performance analyses. These tests can tell about the hold on each and every subject and which concepts the child hasn’t understood well. This performance report will help infer the academic details, and the parents can figure out the interests of their children. Moreover, parents and educators can also decide if their child needs special attention in any subject based on the results of these tests.

Understand Teacher Expertise

If the entire class doesn’t score well in a particular subject, it can be because of an incompetent or inexperienced teacher. The school will get to know if they need to replace the teacher or ask him to change the strategy to ensure their students perform better. Many schools use the performance graph of standardized tests to hire their staff or to decide which educator is qualified enough for which class. 

Help Design Study Plan

Another advantage of standardized tests is that they can help design effective study plans or teaching methodologies. Performance in standardized tests helps schools know about the loopholes or drawbacks in their teaching methodologies. Knowing the flaws, they can make necessary changes in the system and adapt to the teaching methodologies that can help bring a hike in the performance charts. 

Fair Evaluation

When every student has to take the same standardized test, it is like ensuring every student of the same age group gets evaluated on the same grounds. Every student in a class has to answer the same set of questions, and their performance in that particular set defines their academic excellence. There is no chance of one student getting an easy test and the other getting a challenging one. Hence, it is a fair assessment practice that schools can use to evaluate their students. 

These are the advantages of conducting standardized tests, provided the school frames and conducts the exams rightfully. Parents can use the results of these tests to find out which school they can choose for their child. If the results are promising, they can rest assured that the school takes academics seriously and can help build a promising future for the children. However, a declining curve would be a red flag, signifying to parents that they should avoid choosing that school.

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