How Clancey Braxton Yohman Drives Organic Sales And Business Growth

Clancey Braxton Yohman on Sales and Organic growth

Most modern companies aim for organic growth in their business and marketing. Organic growth is obtaining growth through natural means. It’s the process of having people talk about your company, and in turn, their friends notice it and become customers. 

The advantage of organic growth is that it is cheaper since you’re not paying for paid advertising and bots, and the business/followers you gain are real people spending real money. Having high numbers is fantastic, but it doesn’t matter if those numbers are only bots. 

We talked with Clancey Braxton Yohman about organic growth, its importance, and how businesses can improve their organic sales and business growth. For those unaware, Clancey Braxton Yohman is a marketing strategist who works closely with businesses to develop personalized, modern, and effective marketing strategies. 

Now let’s get to the interview. 

So, what’s the first thing Clancey Braxton Yohman does when he sets up an organic sales strategy for a business?

The first thing I include in my business development strategy is to look at social media. Organic growth is all about people, and where do people spend a lot of their time? Social media! 

They browse Twitter Reddit, talk with friends on Discord, hang out in Reddit groups, yada yada.  So that’s where businesses should head for organic growth. They should have accounts on every platform and use them to their fullest potential.

Does customer targeting matter much with organic growth?

Well yeah, most experts agree that you want to focus completely on your best customers. Not just those who spend the most money, but the best quality customers. 

If you notice one group, in particular, keeps coming back and that they are referring lots of other customers, there’s your golden ticket. You want your marketing to target that group. 

How about a business’s sales team? Do they have an impact on growth? It seems like they would, but how big of an impact? What if they’re not getting great results?

They are the most important factor for growing a business. Intuition is right about this one. Having a great sales team will equate with better, more organic growth.

Having a talented sales team is one of the most important aspects of creating a winning business development strategy. If they’re not getting great results, it may be time to retrain. It may not have anything to do with their sales skills, but where and how they’re applying those skills. 

Which is better for growth, as far as launching products go. Lots of products with a slight focus on advertising? Or more extended periods between products, with a massive marketing campaign behind them? 

Most of the time, you’re going to want to go with the second option there, especially if you have a high-quality product. If you release very well-made and functioning products that your customers love. 

Then having a big campaign behind them will not only generate interest from those existing customers, which will be your best customers like we talked about earlier. But new people will see the hype around your product and, hopefully, hop on the train. 

How can companies really drive growth without sparkling new ideas? 

Well, let’s take a look at Samsung and their washing machines. They have these amazing washing machines that sell fantastically. 

Over time, their sales die down a little, the hype goes away. They’re still great washing machines; there’s no reason to upgrade them. What does Samsung do? 

They make the same machine, in red! Next thing you know, sales are up by 15%. Little things like this are how you can grow without reinventing the wheel.