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Effective Ways to Tackle Bath Time Routines and Dementia

Effective Ways to Tackle Bath Time Routines and Dementia

For seniors in the middle to late stages of dementia, what was once a pleasant routine for bathing and self-care can turn into a frustrating chore or, at its worst, uncomfortable, embarrassing torment. As dementia progresses and the ability to complete daily tasks diminishes, something as simple as bathing can become extremely difficult and unpleasant. If the loved one you’re caring for becomes resistant to bathing, you’ll need a plan to tackle bath time challenges in a way that’s safe for both of you.

Celebrating National Senior Independence Month

National Senior Independence Month

In honor of National Senior Independence Month, we’re taking the opportunity to share ideas about independence in the face of dementia’s challenges. Often, caregivers and families see dementia as something that takes away independence from their loved one. While this may be the case in some respect, especially in the later stages of the disease, it is possible to encourage freedom, agency and independence even in the midst of challenging symptoms.

Winter & Dementia: Keeping Your Loved One Safe All Season Long

Community Resources for Caring for a Spouse with Dementia

Resources for Caring for a Spouse with Dementia

When a spouse or partner is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, the responsibilities of caring for their needs in a new way can add stress to your lifestyle and tension to your relationship. The dynamics of caring for a spouse are different than caring for a parent, as the emotional support you offered each other may threaten to weaken with their disease. However, spousal caregivers can have hope as they learn to find support from other resources to help them through their caregiving journey.

10 Tips for Dementia Patients to Celebrate Healthy Aging Month

Celebrating Healthy Aging Month: 10 Tips for Dementia Patients

Healthy Aging Month

September is national Healthy Aging Month, created by Carolyn Worthington, editor-in-chief of Healthy Aging® Magazine. For the last few decades, Healthy Aging Month has provided an annual opportunity for seniors and those who care for them to reevaluate their health, lifestyles and habits, and find inspiration for adding more healthy activities into their daily lives.

Tips for Using Jigsaw Puzzles for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Tips on Heat Therapy Benefits for Dementia Patients

Tips for Planning for Future Care Needs Part 3: Wills

Planning for Future Care Needs Part 3: Wills

If you are in your retirement years, it’s a good time to consider writing a will. For those caring for a loved one with memory loss or another progressive disease, the task of writing their will may fall to you in some capacity. If your loved one wants help writing their will, you should get started as soon as possible, so your loved one can contribute to the process as much as possible.


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