It’s Never 2 Late

Dignity Through Technology

At Clarity Pointe™ Pensacola, we utilize It’s Never 2 Late™ (iN2L), an innovative, state-of-the-art computer system designed especially for seniors with memory loss. iN2L combines computer touch-screen technology with picture-based software to engage residents with the world around them.

In an effort to help our residents stay active and connected in ways that are most comfortable to them, we implemented iN2L technology. Not only does this intuitive program include extensive, continually updated content, it meets seniors where they are, featuring meaningful activities to support family connections, memory recall, cognitive wellness, physical exercise and more.

Just a few of iN2L’s categories include: 

  • Connection with Family and Friends – Simplified email and Skype encourage regular communication with family and friends, especially those who live far away.
  • My Story – With combinations of words and photos, iN2L helps residents tell stories, share history and allow staff to get to know them better.
  • Entertainment – From games to education, iN2L library includes fun activities and learning experiences based on history, travel, movies, classic television, art and music. 
  • Therapy and Fitness – Residents can stay active by riding a bike through scenic routes, flying an airplane, solving puzzles and more.
  • Mental Stimulation – Trivia, quizzes, games and puzzles are designed to entertain and exercise the mind. iN2l also includes noted brain fitness programs such as Happy Neuron™.
  • Spiritual Support – Sermons, hymns and inspirational videos are just a few options iN2L provides to supplement spirituality. 

See It’s Never 2 Late in action!

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