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The Clarity Pointe Difference

Clarity Pointe was created by a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to offering an unprecedented level of care and comprehensive services to those struggling with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

What creates the Clarity Pointe Difference?

Five Key Principles

Clarity Pointe’s approach to designing, developing and operating successful, high-end Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Assisted Living Communities is based on:

  • Superlative People – Recruit, hire and train staff committed to continually improving the lives of Clarity Pointe residents.
  • Prime Research and Programming – Incorporate current research in the development of resident care programs and environments that enhance the lives of those suffering from dementia.
  • Quality Operations – Develop operational processes that ensure the safety, security and preservation of dignity for the resident.
  • Prime Markets – Utilize comprehensive market analysis to identify locations where there exists a strong demand for purpose-built memory care communities.
  • Prime Site Selection – Select prime sites in residential  settings, based on the depth of the market.

Fiscal Accountability

Clarity Pointe communities will be constructed based on leading edge research and input from industry experts. The cost of building these communities has been estimated using Clarity Pointe construction expertise and bids received from multiple construction contractors.  In addition, operating costs have been refined with input from several national assisted living operators. All of this information is then used to target affluent markets where the viability of the project is either confirmed or rejected by market studies obtained from assisted living market research experts.

Community Features

An intentional home-like environment will be created in custom designed living quarters occupied by up to 19 residents.

Other features include easily identifiable neighborhoods, an extensive array of stimulating activities, and strategies that foster the independence of daily life.

Neighborhoods will be arranged around an interior courtyard providing residents individual choice/freedom to access interactive gardens without the fear of elopement.

Private resident rooms sample features:

  • Following day's clothing will be displayed in an open cubby to prompt daily routine.
  • A window seat featuring oversized windows that assists residents with orientation to time of day and direct views to nature, provides a place for family members and other visitors to comfortably spend time with each resident, and storage for supplemental bed linens to make care partner's jobs easier when there's a need for late night assistance.
  • Large format, interactive flat screen televisions with wireless capability for video contact with families, as well as cognitive support software.
  • Toilets within view from the bed, illuminated by amber colored LED lighting as a visual prompt to daily routine and to avoid arousing resident from sleepiness during nighttime use.
  • Color and material palette responding to issues of visual perception; i.e. eliminating contrast on floor surfaces between areas (that can appear to be an obstacle) providing a warm atmosphere and helping delineate items on shelves, counters, toilet, etc. from background surfaces.

Low resident-to-caregiver ratio with evidence based staff training and staffing model.

Sustainable Design

In order to serve as a model in all aspects of organizational function, Clarity Pointe will implement energy efficient, sustainable building strategies on all facets of development and program implementation.

  • LEED-accredited architect and consultants hired to oversee design of the facility.
  • Harvesting extensive use of natural light and day lighting.
  • Low water use fixtures.
  • Use of regional materials.
  • Use of products containing recycled content.
  • Use of native plants and vegetation.
  • Recycling of construction materials.
  • Use of low or non-emitting products.
  • ENERGY STAR appliances.
  • Operable windows.
  • Site lighting will achieve International Dark-Sky Association standards for dark sky friendly features.