We Gave Mom Her Life Back

"Really, I am all about saving money. But more than that, since I have now been through this process, Clarity Pointe made it so much easier than I had anticipated."

"I started researching 4 years ago and just could not find anywhere that I could stand having Mom move to….not even a day care.  Thankfully my sister moved back 2 years ago when I was totally a basket case and gave some relief.  She seemed to think with her nursing background she could handle things…well, it got beyond our ability, even double-teaming and triple-teaming."

"When I first heard of Clarity Pointe coming to the Ranch, I had thought MAYBE this would be a place for her, however our family was NOT ready….I feel like we came to the crossroads and we needed to give Mom her life back to her.  She was as frustrated as we were and wanted to have freedom to enjoy activities and not be smothered by her family telling her what to do and being irritated with her actions she did not understand herself. "

"God is good every day, and we have been, and remain, blessed by Clarity Pointe. Thanks for all you do!"

Ruth P. - Daughter