How Purpose-Built Memory Care Communities Improve Quality of Life

How Purpose-Built Memory Care Communities Improve Quality of Life

“Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia have become a major health issue in American society that touches more families each year,” says Lonette Bentley, Executive Director at Clarity Pointe™ Pensacola, the beautiful new memory care community opening this December in Pensacola, Florida. “Today, more than ever before, there is a priority need for top quality memory care.

While there is no cure at present, there has been significant progress in memory care research that is making the lives of loved ones with memory loss better and more uplifting. Interestingly, the very design, physical layout and program focus of a memory care community can have a major impact on the quality of life its residence enjoy.”

The Difference is in the Quality of Life

Different than multi-purpose senior care communities that offer a variety of services for a mix of assisted living, long-term nursing care and memory care residents, a specialized, purpose-built community such as Clarity Pointe™ Pensacola is designed, staffed and organized solely to provide the best in memory care services to those living with various stages of memory loss.

By utilizing evidence-based facility design, best-practice training for staff and the latest in social engagement therapies and activities, Clarity Pointe™ Pensacola provides loved ones with a better quality of life through a lifestyle that is more engaged, enriching, dignified and purposeful.

Key Advantages of Purpose-Built Memory Care Communities

Experts in the field of memory care list the following key advantages and benefits that single-focus communities offer their residents. For example:

  • A Singular Focus on Memory Care – Purpose-built memory care communities have the advantage of specializing in a singular kind of care. Every aspect of the community, from dining to design and everything in between, caters to the unique needs of residents with memory loss.

At Clarity Pointe Pensacola, our sole mission is caring for and improving the lives of loved ones with memory loss. Every resident is living with some form of memory loss, so our programs are focused solely on dementia support. Unlike traditional assisted living communities, where residents with Alzheimer’s may be misunderstood or left out of programming that goes beyond their cognitive capabilities, residents at Clarity Pointe Pensacola receive comprehensive support for all aspects of daily living.

  • Evidence-Based Facility Design – Purpose-built memory care communities use data from scientific research to create architectural elements, floor plans and décor to benefit those with memory loss. Most memory care communities are smaller than assisted living options, allowing for easy navigation.

Some like Clarity Pointe Pensacola have “Living Neighborhoods,” each with their own common areas to emulate the feeling of home. Open floor plans and shorter hallways help residents move around easier and avoid spatial confusion.

These specialized communities are decorated with purpose, using colors to add contrast, create a calm and soothing environment as well as guide residents with visual cues. Residents experience greater independence in purpose-built communities, which take into account wandering and offer indoor and outdoor security accordingly. Residents can move about freely without safety concerns.

  • Life Enrichment Programming Focus – Purpose-built memory care communities create a lifestyle of comfort, security, engagement and purpose for their residents. Programs and activities are created to encourage current strengths and abilities, promote cognitive function, stimulate reminiscence and provide joy and meaning. Staff members know exactly what kinds of activities work best to create physical, mental and social wellness for their residents.

The programming at Clarity Pointe Pensacola has its foundation in the personal tastes, preferences and interests of its residents. Programs are designed to match what each resident enjoys most and enables them to continue pursuing the hobbies and activities they love.

  • Specialized Staff Training –At purpose-built memory care communities, residents receive care from staff specially trained to manage the physical and cognitive challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Care professionals fully understand their residents’ needs and know how to deliver assistance for optimal comfort and support.

At Clarity Pointe Pensacola, expert caregivers not only receive dementia training, but continue to enhance their knowledge by keeping up with the latest research and treatment techniques to apply them to their care. They also recognize the importance of relationships in caring for those with memory loss, and they get to know each resident personally and care for them as an individual.

Supporting At-Home Caregivers and Families with information and Guidance

“At Clarity Pointe Pensacola, we also recognize the many challenges memory care caregivers face, and we’re always here to help.” States Lonette. “In addition to providing exceptional memory care for loved ones with memory loss, we also offer a variety of resources for families to help them meet the challenges of caring for a loved one with memory loss while continuing to have meaningful interactions and relationships.”

“You can also view Clarity Pointe’s valuable memory care articles and tips for at-home caregivers on a variety of helpful topics that you can use today. And as we prepare for our grand opening this December, we invite you to visit our developing website for ongoing updates and information.”

Clarity Pointe … Our Difference is Clear

Clarity Pointe’s Specialized Memory Care “Living” Neighborhoods are truly changing lives for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias – and for those who love them. At Clarity Pointe, our mission is to ensure our residents lead connected and rewarding lives.

Unlike other providers that offer a secure memory care wing in a skilled nursing or assisted living center, Clarity Pointe Pensacola offers three freestanding, purpose-built Memory Care communities that are solely and entirely dedicated to Memory Care Assisted Living. Our communities blend luxurious surroundings with specialized care that is individualized to each resident and delivered by a compassionate, expert team of professionals. 

We stay current on the latest trends and advancements in memory care and implement them into our residents’ care plans. Always moving forward, we combine the latest in evidence-based programming with luxurious, residential living, compassionate, respectful memory care and life-enriching activities that make each day meaningful.

For each of our residents, we offer a life that is engaging, fulfilling, inspiring and purposeful. 

To learn more about the Clarity Pointe Difference, contact us today!