5 Benefits of a Personalized Memory Care Program

No two cases of Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia are exactly the same. The diagnosis, progression of the disease, exhibition of symptoms and challenging behaviors are unique for every person who lives with memory loss. When caring for such a complex, wide-ranging disease, shouldn’t the methods for care be just as personalized for each individual?

Unfortunately, not every memory care program recognizes the need for individualized care, notes Jimmie Fay Griffin, Executive Director at Clarity Pointe™ Tallahassee in Tallahassee, Florida. “Some communities provide memory care in a one-size-fits-all fashion,” says Griffin, “but dementia is not a one-size-fits-all disease. Effective memory care requires special attention to each person’s need for support, his or her personal strengths and stories, and unique symptoms and challenges. At Clarity Pointe Tallahassee, we create personalized care plans and will train our caregivers to be as adaptable and flexible in their care as dementia is in how it presents.”

5 Ways Personalized Memory Care Makes a Difference

At Clarity Pointe Tallahassee, we believe a personalized memory care program is the only way to successfully meet the needs of all our residents. Our approach is truly person-centered, meaning we don’t just place each resident into an arbitrary level of care. We will carefully evaluate each resident’s current capabilities, with the help of their families, and consider their personal preferences to create a unique care plan that will help us not only provide for their health needs but foster a lifestyle of purpose and positivity. Here are just a few ways our residents and their families will benefit from our approach:

1. Focus on the Resident’s Strengths and Abilities

While some may approach memory care by looking at what the person cannot do, we take the opposite perspective and consider everything the person can still do. By focusing on a resident’s current strengths and all the abilities that remain, we send the message that this resident is still a person with unique strengths, not just a body with a degenerative disease. If a resident can still safely take care of their own bathing, we won’t take away their dignity by insisting that a caregiver takes over the task.

In addition to personalized support for daily living activities, we’ll use assessments of each resident’s cognitive abilities to create meaningful programs and activities that support their cognitive health and provide a sense of purpose.

2. Family Becomes a Vital Part of Care

Because many residents will come to us during middle- or late-stage dementia, they cannot always articulate their needs and preferences. That’s where families come in. With their help, we will complete a personalized booklet with LifeBio™ reminiscent tools that capture who the resident is now, as well as who they were before their memory loss. We will then know everything our residents would share with us if they could – where they grew up, their past careers, favorite hobbies and big life events. With their families’ help, we will get to know our residents in the way they deserve.

Families will also take part in the daily care of our residents by helping us create personalized care plans. Family caregivers can share the important details of their loved one’s unique challenges with memory loss, as well as their personal routines, so their care is seamlessly transferred from home to our community. We will also invite family members to participate in daily life with their loved one, sharing in mealtimes or providing support during programming when they visit. We understand the needs of both residents and their families, so we will provide an environment where families can share life together.

3. Enhances the Resident Experience

Through personal evaluations for care needs and family input, we will come to know residents on a familiar level. We will know their likes and dislikes, when they prefer to eat breakfast, what movies they like to watch and what they like to talk about. This knowledge will help our caregivers form strong bonds with our residents as they care for the spirit and soul of each individual. In return, residents experience an enhanced level of support beyond just the assistance they need physically.

Our personalized approach to memory care will let our residents know that they aren’t just a filled bed in a facility. They are a loved member of a community that strives to make them feel at home in every aspect of their daily lives.

4. Residents Benefit from a Balanced Life

Personal knowledge about our residents will allow us to apply unique information to their daily lives, creating a lifestyle of balance that leads to fulfillment and happiness. We believe that a sense of fulfillment comes when a person’s self-care, work, social and leisure interests are all balanced throughout each day. We will take care of our residents’ care needs with dignity and respect, incorporate past careers or skills into their personal programming and ensure engaging social and recreational opportunities are available to bring our residents joy and meaning.

5. Higher Caliber of Dementia Caregivers

Our community will have the ability to adapt its programming for each individual who enters our doors, and that means that we’ll require a caregiving team made up of the best and brightest in dementia care. We will require caregivers who have great instincts for senior care and the desire to meet individual needs on a constant basis. Through evidence-based care training, our entire team will stay up-to-date on the latest in high-quality care techniques. Quite simply, a personalized approach to memory care is only possible with the best caregivers.

Our team members will get to know the residents they work with on a deep, personal level and become adept at recognizing the slightest changes in behaviors and dementia symptoms. This unprecedented caliber of care means that our residents will never be at a loss for support. Families will no longer need to worry about their loved ones between visits. They can rest assured that their mothers, fathers, spouses, siblings and friends are in the best hands, every minute of every day.

Memory Care Is All We Do

At Clarity Pointe Tallahassee, you’ll find a free-standing community dedicated solely to supporting those with memory loss. Unlike other communities that offer memory support in a skilled nursing wing, our entire community is designed to meet the specific needs of those living with memory loss and related cognitive impairments. From the layout of our secure community to the structure of our daily programs, every aspect is created with memory care in mind.

“When memory care is all a community does, it makes personalized care possible,” says Griffin. “In fact, any memory care expert will tell you that personalized care is the only way to go. At Clarity Pointe, we’ve dedicated our entire community to families and loved ones living with the challenges of memory loss. We’re proud to soon offer a place for these special families to call home.”

If you’d like to learn more about Clarity Pointe Tallahassee and the clear difference we can make in your loved one’s life, contact us today.

Clarity Pointe™ … Our Difference is Clear

Clarity Pointe™’s Specialized Memory Care “Living” Neighborhoods are truly changing lives for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias – and for those who love them. At Clarity Pointe, our mission is to ensure our residents lead connected and rewarding lives.

Opening in January 2018, Clarity Pointe Tallahassee is unlike other providers that offer a secure memory care wing in a skilled nursing or assisted living center. Clarity Pointe Tallahassee will offer four free-standing, purpose-built memory care communities that are solely and entirely dedicated to memory care assisted living. Our communities blend luxurious surroundings with specialized care that is individualized to each resident and delivered by a compassionate, expert team of professionals.

We stay current on the latest trends and advancements in Alzheimer’s care and implement them into our residents’ care plans. Always moving forward, we combine the latest in evidence-based programming with luxurious, residential living and compassionate respectful care.

For each of our residents, we offer a life that is engaging, fulfilling, inspiring and meaningful.

To learn more about the Clarity Pointe™ Difference, contact us today!