Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT) at Clarity Pointe Louisville Feedback

10/13/16, First Training Session (community, families, & staff)

What will you do differently after the VDT experience?

“It gives a view into a person with dementia’s life dealing with simple tasks that has become difficult to manage.  It allows me to be more compassionate and understanding of one’s reality with dementia.”

“I better understand my husband’s frustrations and his need of help with things that he did for himself before.”

“I will be more patient with those who have dementia.  I will put myself in their shoes and process what I think could be going through their minds at this time.”

“I understand what people go through now.  I will try to educate others on what I went through.”

“I will be more patient with my Aunt.  I have a new understanding of how my Aunt may process the information.”

“Now, I will probably be MUCH MORE empathetic.  I have a new found respect for my mother.”

“Try to understand their thoughts and help them get their stuff done.”

“Continue working on my patience.  Be more conscious of trigger points.”

“Share my experience today with my siblings and have more respect for dementia.”

“I will share my experience.”                                     “Be more patient.”

“Will continue to see how improvements can be met with these patients as I can always strive to learn new things in understanding their needs better.”

“Be more attentive.”                  “Keep requests simple.”                   “Continue to be patient.”

“Slow down in conversation, interaction, and expectations.”

 “Having patience with the patient and explaining.”

“Take more time with residents.  Speak more slowly and clearly.”

“Be more aware of the person with dementia and their feelings.  Learn more about dementia.”

“Be more patient.  Be thankful that I don’t have all of that going on regularly.”

 “Take more time with people to understand their needs.  Be more patient and remember the difficulties that I had during this training.”

“Great training!  Thank you for this experience Clarity Pointe!”